"with any data, the "the appetite is in the eating"
the more you look, the more you will see."

Applica operates in and across Asia, and is headquartered in Singapore. The company was founded in 2008 to capture and market the intellectual property from the corporate advisory company Strategica Pte Ltd.

In Applica's brief history, we have developed a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) products, designed for highly transactional environments such as retail.

Applican BI software was created with a practical and commercial approach at the forefront of its design. The main design driver was to capture, build upon + reinforce retail knowledge competencies and relevancy, or as we like to call it – our product genius.

The Applican BI is capable of handling very complex businesses such as hospitals in Indonesia and multi formatted retailers in China/Indonesia.

Think of our BI as your business concierge – our reports will gradually reveal, through the use of drilldowns, information more relevant and actionable so you get your questions answered quicker.

Our BI is currently being used by large food retailers in Indonesia and China; they are billion dollar businesses that collectively have over 400 stores.

In China:

  • Our clients possess considerable data across many databases
  • There was not a lot of information that is well presented or easy to interpret
  • The challenge is to increase capability and create knowledge about the relationships within data that bring insight
  • Expense and product sales treatments after clustering and quadrants by way of example, have improved productivity considerably

In Indonesia:

  • The challenge was to build benchmarks at the store level and turn clients into world class operations toward improving margins, wage % sales and shrink levels
  • Applican products were the basis upon which vital knowledge was to be collected and disseminated to stores

We have a multicultural team who possess a unique commercial/strategic perspective with an ability to join dots and create new marketplaces through our uniquely applied product set.

We have considerable experience working in complex highly transactional businesses including modern retail and healthcare; accumulated over the last 25 years in Australasia and more recently Indonesia and China.

Where ever necessary, Applica also utilises industry subject matter specialists to supplement its team and to ensure a comprehensive knowledge of particular industries. This approach means the Applica can offer a tailored team to meet each customer’s needs and this case ensure a solution tailored toward a companies business units.

Our strategic alliances are an extension of our team.

Our partners play an integral part in our development and growth by representing a diverse range of solutions, services, and geographies that further aide our BI’s business concierge mentality – enabling our clients to achieve even further insights from their data.

Our programs are designed to support our alliances to grow businesses, help generate new opportunities, increase profitability + secure deals.

Our current list of partners include:

For more information on how to become a partner, please contact us.

"given its practical, commercial background
Applican BI is about capturing, building +
reinforcing retail knowledge competencies."

Our BI was created with a practical and commercial approach at the forefront of its design. The main design driver was to easily capture, build upon + reinforce retail knowledge competencies and relevancy, or as we like to call it – our product genius. This genius being further reinforced by a CEO being able to learn how to use the solution within one day.

Applica’s philosophy was to deliberately build a central library of reports, enhanced by the visual effects rather than driven by them, that can be quickly drilled down + expanded upon within the context of the data around it.

The structured central library provides easy reference + importantly scales into every user context; which means that we focus on data that is really important for the business. The business knows what its users are looking at + users focus on reports that are important to the business.

Our design philosophy considers the following in our reports:

  • The most important/relevant information goes at the top/revealed first
  • Reveal information as user expresses interest by the use of drill downs
  • Use of time, filtering and interaction (graphing, quadrants and clustering)
  • Building greater understanding as user moves through the pathway
  • Allowing users to make rapid sense of large volumes of data

Think of our BI as your business concierge – our reports will gradually reveal, through the use of drilldowns, more relevant and actionable answers to your questions. We help prioritize and highlight what is most important within the data, with the biggest business impacts.

  • A solution tailored toward a companies business units that will build trust into your data by building it into areas of the business

  • We do not require our users to be desktop engineers but simply to have a question and the want to learn more.

  • Automatically refresh the saved reports in accordance with time, no need to create a same report all over again every week/month/quarter, all it takes is just a click within the original report

  • Everyone works on a same page so speaks the same language in every part inside of the company once the standardized reports are established

  • Save the time on creating excels + integrating multiple resources, further avoid the mistakes that might occur during the process

  • Quickly set up the targets (budgets/forecasts) + better understand if the targets are set up reasonably or not, because it’s based on actual results

  • Every department manager/district manager/store manager knows where their performance are positioned in the total business + further where to improve

Our 30 basic report templates can grow into the thousands, heightening relevance into every aspect of a business by providing simple drilldown options.

We use the BI to…

  • Determine what goes in the data warehouse first and how much time is spent on it;
  • Give visibility to where processes are failing and which failure has the biggest impact on the business;
  • To help you to treat quality data consistently eg. to find errors in the data, to help prioritize those errors that really matter to get your immediate attention; and
  • Either use BI enterprise-wide or for specific purposes eg. customer loyalty.

We will work together to…

  • Understand all your data sources and databases
  • Work on the relationships between data through productivity measures for example
  • Provide structure by reconciling, standardizing and integrating the raw data, so it can be reported upon
  • Use those reports to figure out whether that data is complete and accurate
  • Then build trust into the data by making sure the report structure and permission structure are aligned
"data doesn't have to be pristine,
but it should offer a path to action."

Economically …

  • We are more cost effective
  • There is no extra charge for more users
  • There is no extra charge for more stores
  • There is no extra charge for more processors or runtime
  • Our implementation periods are shorter
  • You will gain the BI benefits quicker


  • We are user friendly
  • Training periods are short
  • We build reports relevant to you
  • We standardize treatment of data for you with agreed business rules
  • We build a full library of reports that covers your whole business
  • We help you determine what parts of the business need to be focused on


  • Our reports have their own capabilities, graphs + quadrants to help you create benchmarks
  • Each report can have multiple sheets for different information views
  • We can help build forecasting/budgeting capability
  • Applican BI will give your company the capability to manage key value drivers + performance indicators in your business

  • The benefits include potentially improving the value of your company

  • You are not just investing in software or a process enhancement tool

  • You are buying into a culture of performance that simply + uniformly applies understandable principles + tools across the entire business

  • Applican BI simplifies by building a library of reports

  • Applican BI simplifies by using actionable results

In the ever changing world of business intelligence from:

  • telling you what happened (descriptive)
  • to trending what is likely to happen (predictive)
  • to telling you what to do about it (prescriptive)

Applican BIsight will help you by:

  • Keeping it simple with effective tools
  • Taking many complex variables + distilling them into a short actionable list
  • That is easy to focus upon + easy to remember
"we focus on data that is really important for the business.
the business knows what its users are looking at +
users focus on reports that are important to the business."

want to join our team? we are currently looking for…


  • Data developers experienced in data integration structures + processes; and big data + optimisation (we are at developing value propositions + proof of concept)

  • Client Delivery Architects experienced in deployment + acting as an internal proxy for Client CIOs

  • Software Engineers experienced in designing optimal development processes + delivering improved product within these processes

We are a young + driven company used to working in emerging markets with all the different challenges + opportunities they present.

If you wish to expand your commercial + technical skills whilst working within the diversity of Asia, email us your CV today.


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